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  Artist Statement
  Hiking on a new trail is always an interesting adventure for me. I am excited by the small discoveries made along the way. Noticing how the terrain changes as I walk further into the woods, the patterns made by the foliage of different plants, the rocks refracted under clear running water, the rustle of small animals scurrying out of my way. The mystery of what may be around that next corner, and the possibility I may take the wrong path or lose the path altogether. I think about what is natural and what is man-made, how my presence is impacting the trail. I enjoy being alone in my thoughts.

In this series of paintings I was interested in capturing some of the small discovers I found hiking along a trail in Wisconsin. Using photos I had taken I chose scenes that were both panoramic and close up views of what I saw along the trail. I was interested in the patterns and colors that repeated themselves in the different scenes and I did make choices of what I wanted the viewer of the paintings to see. I didn't necessarily use the actual colors in the photos but what felt good to me. I used an oil glazing technique in which many thin layers of color are applied over a neutral under-painting. I chose this technique because of its rich luminous quality and it's sympathy to detail. I want the viewer of my paintings to spend time noticing the details in the paintings just as though they were taking a hike and seeing interesting things along the way. The paintings are to be viewed as a whole and they have been hung in a way that would encourage the viewer to feel as though they are walking along a trail.