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Untitled 2005 | Oil on hardboard panels | paintings 9" x 12"

These paintings were created for my Independent Study project in Painting Studio at Harper College. They are to be viewed as one work. Before starting on the paintings I drew a detailed pencil drawing of each scene from photos I had taken. I first painted black and white underpaintings and then applied layers of oil paint mixed with a glazing medium to produce the transparent color on the final paintings. The paintings were shown as part of the Special Projects exhibit at Harper College during the Fall 2005 Semester. Two of the paintings did not make the final cut for the exhibit. Special thanks to Perry Pollock for guidance throughout this project..

artist statement | painting detail

  Underpainting 1Underpainting 2Underpainting 3Underpainting 4Underpainting 5
  Underpainting 6Underpainting 7Underpainting 8Underpainting 9Underpainting 10Underpainting 11
  Final paintings
  Painting 1Painting 2Painting 4Painting 5
  Painting 6Painting 7Painting 8Painting 10Painting 11
  Gallery views
  Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3
  Harper College | Palatine, IL
Special Projects: Advanced Painting Students 2005 | November 14-December 15, 2005 | Art Exhibition Space Building C, Room C200

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